Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) helps ensure your data will be   accessible when you need it by improving tape reliability. MLM promotes pain-free tape   storage and gives you the freedom to truly maximize your storage investments and save IT   costs.

  What is MLM?

  MLM provides the unparalleled ability to reduce media related issues through its intuitive   reporting of at-risk media that should be retired. For truly complete media health reporting,   MLM non-intrusively tracks over 30 criteria about each tape throughout its usable life*.   Included with Spectra's T-Series, MLM's media health reporting is accessible directly from   the library or from remote web access. With MLM you can easily identify whether a tape is   safe to store your data upon by simply checking its health score that is calculated from its   health statistics. And for more thorough details, you can also view each tape's complete   health record. MLM's comprehensive reporting gives you the advantage to know your data is   safely stored, and even reduce the possibility of data loss.

  Why is MLM so Important?

  In this age of digital information, it is customary for companies to protect their data with   tape. While a data cartridge may be small, they are typically the final repository for storing   invaluable information. Therefore, the importance of using dependable media must not be   diminished so that you can reliably restore your data when you need it.