Datacenter Solutions

Datanet Communication's datacenter solutions team provides technical services and with over 15 years experience we are sure we can provide the right products at the right price. If you need a KVM switch, KVM extender, KVM console drawer or data cabinet, please contact us. Our experts will ensure your IT and facilities teams get the support they need to design, build and maintain an efficient data centre to match your budget.

Our data centre management software solutions offer a single easy to use browser interface that captures all the information you need to enable you to make fast decisions, helping toward improved efficiency and profitability. These data centre solutions will integrate with the key devices in your infrastructure - KVM switches, power strips, blade servers, Ilo/RiLo and security systems.

If you have an existing installation of KVM switches, KVM extenders or power management devices in your data centre we can offer help and advice to ensure you are getting the most from your systems and, if appropriate, suggest an upgrade path to replace legacy devices.

Not only can we supply you with the solution you need are team are fully trained to install and maintain these products giving you a one stop shop for your Datacenter management needs. So please give our datacenter team a call today to discuss your requirement.