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Datanet have teamed up with several KVM manufactures to provide you with any KVM solution you require. Weather you need to kit out your Datacenter or have a desk mounted switch we will be able to advise you of the best unit to suit your need.



We can provide the following KVM Solutions:

Anolog KVM
Infrastructure Management
Serial Console Switches
Single User KVM over IP


KVM over IP will allow you to control upto 8 IP users on 64 servers this is the future of KVM and with virtual media you now can control your datacenter without even stepping into it!


Anolog KVM will provide you with 16 users to 64 servers and you can cascade switches to allow you even more servers. This is a not IP solution but we can now provide you with IP userstations which allows you to log in from anywhere.


Infrastructure Management: Manage all your servers / network products and power together with our "Infrastructure Management Solutions" this is a datacenter managers dream. You can even add your exsiting solution to this most 3rd party solutions will tie in. Ilo's / Rilo's / Drac / VM Ware and blade servers will all work together!


Our serial Serial Console Switches offer out-of-band control of your serial devices (routers, switches, firewalls, servers) — via SSH, Telnet, or browser — no matter where in the world you happen to be. Easy to install, simple to use and highly scalable, they offer you one point of control to manage a wide range of IT components.


The Single User KVM over IP Devices are great for anyone who needs fast access to a single server / pc anywhere in the world. They are very cost effective and are being used in thousands of different applications.

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