TFT Draws and other Accessories

TFT Draws come in all shapes and sizes some come with a KVM switch on the back. This is a must for any server manager who needs to do some local control on servers in there cabinet. Datanet Communications covers all based by teaming up with the right manufactures we can provide a TFT draw to fit your requirement.

Our Server Lifters are designed specifically to tackle the challenges of your typical Data Centre environment. Unlike the more traditional bulky alternatives, these Server Lifters are both lightweight and portable and could not be easier to use.

The highly attractive designs allow for full operator protection, offering dual speed elevation and descent with power provided by a mains rechargeable battery pack.

With the times now alot of people have a KVM solution in but require more cables / ports to be available we specialize in adapting your solution to help you with your needs. We can provide any cables that you need from Cat 5 to the manufacture's computer interface units.

We also have stock of most items so you can have the cable you are desperate for next day.

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